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D.O.T. INSPECTION  SERVICES                                                                                                        
Cabco Trailer Repair is an authorized and certified repair shop for semi-trailers, flatbeds and reefers. Cabco conducts D.O.T. inspection services in accordance with 49 CFR396.17 through   49 CFR396.25.                                     

CERTIFIED MECHANICS                                                                                                                      Cabco has on staff a crew of ten certified, trained mechanics.  With a combined experience of over 130 years in trailer repair, Cabco has assembled the best team in the area to satisfy your trailer repair requirements.

CARB COMPLIANCE                                                                                                                               Cabco is the authorized distributorship in San Diego for SMARTTRUCK, a Smart Way approved product that provides a viable option to skirts.  Cabco provides compliance, installation, warranty service and sales of this

Cabco repairs all types trailer Suspensions;  Bushings, Bearings, Axels, Hubs, Hangers, Slider Rails and Pins,  Cabco is an authorized warranty shop for both Meritor RHP-11 and Hendrickson suspensions.

BRAKES                                                                                                                                                             Cabco's certerfied and trained mechanics are experts at Braking Systems;  from Brake replacement,  Drum measurement, S-Cams, Oil Seals, Air Chambers, Valves and ABS.

ELECTRICAL SYSTEMS                                                                                                                         Cabco mechanics are experts at troubleshotting electrical problems;  7-Way, Lights, Valves, Lift Gates, Reefers,and conversions from incadesent to LED, and GPS.

BODY WORK                                                                                                                                         Cabco Trailer Repair are experts at Body Work on all types trailers;  Panels, Landing Gear, Doors, both Swing and Roll-Up, Floor, Plyliners, Scuff Liners, Bottom Rails, Top Rails, Nose Rails, Radius, King Pins, Door Frame Headers, CrossMembers and Structural Repairs.

COMPLETE MACHINE SHOP                                                                                                                Cabco has a complete machine shop at our facility.  Cabco can make structural modifications and components.  Shop has an  Aqueous Parts Washer, Cutters, Grinders, Riverters, Aluminum Welding, Steel Welding, Two 120 gallon 10 HP Compressors, Two Forklifts, Scaffolding and 120 years of mechanic experience.

WARRANTY REPAIRS                                                                                                                                Cabco has agreements with many OEM manufacturers.  If an item is under warranty, Cabco will assist in processing claims and provide repair services in accordance with the terms of your warranty.

CARTAGE                                                                                                                                               Cabco has a Freightliner which can assist in retrieving damaged trailers from the area, bring them to the shop and return them to their origin. 

STORAGE                                                                                                                                                  Cabco has a large four acre yard.  With a repair, Cabco can offer short-term storage at no cost.  As well, there are a few short -term spaces available at standard storage rates.

PARTS WAREHOUSING                                                                                                                       Cabco keeps a large inventory of trailer parts on our premises in 4000 sf of indoor storage.  However, we only sell parts value-added, meaning accompanied with the installation of the part.  Cabco has excellent sourcing contacts for those hard to find Vin# parts.

HOT PRESSURE WASH                                                                                                                           Cabco is proud to offer HOTSY hot pressure wash equipment and non-toxic chemicals with EPA compliant underground filter and drainage.  Hot pressure wash is the only way to remove deep oil stains from the hardwood flooring